What you want from Innovation Month 2014

Thanks to the subscribers of the ColIDEAscope newsletter who participated in our ‘What would you like to see/learn/experience at Innovation Month 2014’ contest.

We’re happy to announce that Sharon Hook of Landgate WA was the winning entry. Sharon listed some event ideas she’d like to see in this year’s program, including:

  • How to get really shake up middle management to get involved in innovation

  • Changing mindsets – tips for dealing with negative mindsets

  • Marketing your Innovation program, long term planning

  • Exploring co-creation opportunities

  • Government departments working in partnerships on Solutioning.

Well done Sharon, thanks for the input!

We also had many other great idea submissions. Dwaine McMaugh from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection wants to explore how to be more creative in producing regulatory solutions without creating unnecessary costs or compliance burdens on the public.

“Too often we reach for our most comfortable regulatory tools from our kit. We need to challenge ourselves to seek alternative solutions so that our regulatory response is proportionate to the problem we are trying to solve.” He writes, “The theme Empower, Collaborate, Transform seems to be ideal for exploring this issue.” Thanks Dwaine!

Joanna Hicks from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research is hoping to learn about what other Government agencies are doing on innovation, and hear about public sector innovation success stories.

Other submissions wished to meet people who can effect transformative change to drive public sector innovation, and learn what they are doing to attract innovative change-makers, and see tangible progress towards building innovation capacity in the public sector, and demonstrations of this to the public.

Dr David Pecotic from the Department of Communication is hoping to see how Innovation is deepening and maturing, with “less talking, more making; less early adopters, more senior executives”.

“Less solo silos offering final solutions, more collaboration between and outside the public sector leading to constant solution revolutions.” writes David.

Cross-collaboration between the public and private sectors was raised more than once, and we have received offers from private organisations interested in Innovation Month. If you are from a private sector organisation working in social innovation you are most welcome to be involved in the program.

Finally John James from FutureBeef in Toowoomba, Queensland is also hoping for more events delivered by webinars to reach out to regional areas.

Thanks to all who contributed, and remember Innovation Month is a collaborative event. Its program is designed, implemented and run by members of the public and community sector like you.

Is there something mentioned above you’d be interested in? Something you could run? Drop a comment below, or psi [at] industry.gov.au (subject: Innovation%20Month%202014) (contact us) if you’d like to run an event in Innovation Month 2014. After all, the purpose of the Public Sector Innovation Network is to connect members together for the opportunity to learn from each other.

We’ll have event registration forms for Innovation Month up soon; and a guide to running events for those who’ve not hosted an event before.

Thanks and we hope see you at Innovation Month 2014!