Weekly bits of interest - 30 August 2010

Developments and articles of interest from the last week:

  • The public service is often accused of being too risk averse when it comes to innovation. With any innovation or new approach there needs to be a consideration of the benefits as well as the risks. In this post Craig Thomler looks at some of the legal benefits of engaging with social media.

  • In this piece Dr Tim Kastelle from the University of Queensland looks at three different ways that organisations can fail at innovation - ignoring the small innovations, ignoring the big innovations, and looking at idea generation over idea execution.

  • In this article Tim O'Reilly talks about this year's Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington DC and its focus on opening the doors to innovation for government.

  • Robert Sutton looks at the need for organisations to be good at 'killing' ideas - and not just the bad ones, but good ideas as well. No organisation can (or even should) implement every good idea, so there needs to be a filtering process.

  • And in this piece, Dr Kastelle points out 10 (free) ebook resources for becoming more innovative. 

As always, please feel free to link to other developments and articles of interest from last week in the comments below.