Weekly bits of interest - 25 January 2016

Some recent developments and articles of interest:

  • Tim Kastelle has written about his lessons from running a 'Lean LaunchPad' programme with CSIRO. In the first of this series of posts, Tim writes about how to understand your customer (or user). "Steve Jobs didn’t do customer development, why should I? You’re not Steve Jobs. Also, the thing that Jobs did have was a very deep understanding of what problems people are trying to solve – customer development is the tool you use to gain that understanding yourself."

  • The OECD is hiring for a community manager for the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation

  • Michael Schrage reflects on the trend of companies seeking to make innovation part of everyone's job. "For many firms, the innovation agenda is now as much about human capital investment as delivering new products and services."

  • Kate Garklavs shares the experience of 18F in introducing a 'writing lab'. "The Writing Lab is a virtual writing center where anyone at 18F can get personalized writing and editing help from members of the content and outreach teams. All of the Lab members are skilled content creators, hailing from backgrounds in journalism, creative writing, instructional design, technical writing, and more."

  • Mitchell Weiss writes about the experience of the city of Boston and innovating with a relief fund. "Innovation, in cities and other contexts, often involves adaptation and repurposing, a program scaled to another place or a private sector tool tweaked for public use. But starting from scratch and doing something truly new can sometimes be the key to solving problems faster and more effectively."

As always, please feel free to identify any other recent developments or articles of interest in the comments below.