Weekly bits of interest - 24 January 2011

Developments and articles of interest from the past couple of weeks:

  • The Australian National Institute for Public Policy at the Australian National University is offering some Innovation and Strategy courses for Autumn 2011, including "Public Sector Innovation: what, why and how?". The calendar of executive short courses can be found on their website.

  • Jorge Barber looks at how best to 'steal' innovation rather than imitating. He provides some useful points for looking at which innovations to replicate and how.

  • Steven Waldgrave writes about the importance of judging when to innovate and looking for windows of opportunity. Some ideas will be more welcome at certain points of time (within a budget cycle for instance) or when there has been disruption to the existing context.

  • In South Australia, the Australian Centre for Social Innovation is holding a meeting for people with ideas about how to solve a social problem. They hope for it to be a monthly gathering.

  • In this post, James Pasmantier writes about 7 tips for launching a great innovation contest including defining boundaries, setting goals and expectations, and providing support.

As always, please feel free to identify any other developments or articles of interest in the comments below.