Weekly bits of interest - 23 May 2011

Developments and articles of interest from the last week:

  • University of Queensland academic Tim Kastelle compares the innovation process to the mining process. "You have to be able to generate great ideas, you have be able to select the best ones and then execute them, and you have to get the ideas to spread. The ideas don’t make you innovative, they just make you potentially innovative. To actually innovate, you have to be good at the entire process."[1. This quote is not covered by the Creative Commons licence or Commonwealth Copyright. From Tim Kastelle "Discovering Gold through Innovation" 19 May 2011 accessed from http://timkastelle.org/blog/2011/05/discovering-gold-through-innovation/]

  • Michael Fruhling looks at what to do when your ideas are rejected.

  • In this post Idris Mootee looks at the links between design thinking and strategic innovation.

  • Jeffrey Baumgartner writes about the innovation process and the fundamentals of managing idea generation.

  • In this piece Brad Power looks at new ways to collaborate for making process improvements. "To make big improvements in productivity and customer service, people in an organization must collaborate across corporate hierarchies, functions, companies, and geographies. Emerging social networking technologies offer new ways to overcome these boundaries. Leading companies such as IBM, Ford, and Avery Dennison are making major improvements in key processes by creating online communities to share deep knowledge."[2. This quote is not covered by the Creative Commons licence or Commonwealth Copyright. From Brad Power "New Ways to Collaborate for Process Improvement" 20 May 2011 accessed from http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/05/new_ways_to_collaborate_for_pr.html]

As always, please feel free to identify any other developments or articles of interest in the comments below.