Weekly bits of interest - 23 August 2010

Developments and articles of interest from the last week:

  • In this piece Uri Neren looks at innovation within the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in the US, and how conditions of limited resources, connectedness, and diversity have shaped its innovation capabilities.

  • In another health-related innovation article, Gaurav Bhalla writes about the Clinic of Innovation at Oslo University. Gaurav draws a number of lessons from it, including that organisations should align their innovation efforts with their culture and way of thinking, and the need for an organisation to engage with all ideas put forward and be transparent about what has happened to the idea (even if that is a decision to not do anything with it).

  • In this post Vijay Govindarajan writes about five signs that an innovation effort is going off the rails.

  • Dr Tim Kastelle, University of Queensland writes about building an innovation portfolio using the three horizons framework, where innovation efforts are thought about over three possible horizons. The report Empowering Change: Fostering Innovation in the Australian Public Service also recommended using a three horizons approach.

As always, please feel free to link to any other articles or developments of interest in public sector innovation from the last week in comments below.