Weekly bits of interest - 22 November 2010

Developments and articles of interest from the past week:

  • In this piece Dr Tim Kastelle, University of Queensland proposes an innovation matrix to consider the innovation performance of organisations. Importantly, Tim notes that the innovation process is a journey and increasing innovation commitment and competence is not something to be done in a single leap.

  • On a related note, Craig Thomler has written a post on why it is necessary to let public servants take their own journeys in Gov 2.0 and social media. I think this also applies to innovation as well - you cannot make people take a short cut on the journey, merely help point them down the right path.

  • Amy Gallo provides some tips to how to get your idea approved, including getting the style as well as the substance right, building alliances, preparation, and keeping it simple.

  • Jeffrey Phillips writes about how organisations can develop an innovation culture, including a focus on vision (strategic goal), metrics, communication and a sustained commitment.

  • The winner of the US Government's 2010 SAVE Award, for ideas to boost government performance from US federal public service employees, has been announced.

As always, please feel free to identify any other developments or articles of interest from the last week in the comments below.