Weekly Bits of Interest 21 July

What a week in Innovation! As part of Innovation Month 2017 James O’Loughlin challenged us to question assumptions and work in uncomfortable innovation spaces, public sector employees used Lego to learn about design thinking, and Questacon hosted two workshops to show people how to creatively solve problems. It was also a big week in innovation around Australia and the world:

  • Read: See how Israel, Singapore and Japan are working to improve their cities by test existing frameworks, encourage creativity, ideas and creating new opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Investigate: The UNDP have released a report that showcases how innovation investments in data, finance and other areas are changing approaches to international development.
  • Do: SimGov is a whole of government initiative supported by the Department of Defence to learn how gaming and simulation can be used by government to support decision making and plan for the future. Further information can be found online.

Finally, join us at 4pm on 26 July for the 2017 Public Sector Innovation Awards Ceremony, supported by IPAA, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and the Public Sector Innovation Network. The event is the culmination of recognising those APS colleagues who have tried something different; involved their people, digital and data; and showcases the exciting future of public sector innovation.

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