Weekly Bits of Interest 20 March

This week's bits of interest

  • Here is a blog post that looks out how some of the most successful collaboration partnerships come from organisations that are usually different. Think about the quote: "Everyone lifting the same corner of a heavy table doesn't make it easier to move".
  • This article discusses the percolation of innovation throughout organisations and some of the common pitfalls associated with Innovation Chiefs. 
  • A joint public-private partnership has repurposed an AI that can locate brands from photos on social media to detect malaria in blood using smartphones with 85% accuracy.
  • The CIA have developed board games to assist with training its officers.  It has the added bonus of making training fun.
  • Finally, an article on how to think like a futurist.  It goes into how long term thinking can achieve long term results and how to get around only solving short term problems with short term fixes.

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