Weekly Bits of Interest 14 March

Welcome to another Weekly Bits of Interest.  This week:

  • Did you know that 4 out of 5 start up founders in Australia are university graduates?  Universities Australia has released a report into the link between graduates and start up economy, with some really good examples of what graduates are doing with their start ups.  It also includes a list of what each of the universities around Australia are doing in this space if you're looking to network.
  • Through the use of Digital ID systems, Denmark has been able to become one of the worlds most digital government. The article explores how both the government and citizens have benefited from increased digital interactions.
  • Here is a good overview of how the US government invested in and used design in the 70's to create their iconic brands for their agencies such as NASA. 

For International Women's Day that was held last week, I wanted to highlight some of the work that women are doing in innovation and some of the ways to build a more inclusive work culture.

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