Tour of the Labs Canberra

The Innovation Labs of Canberra are opening their doors for 3 days in Innovation Month!

This event, which is open to public servants, is a full day tour of the various innovation labs and spaces both in and outside the government.

At each venue you will undertake an interactive activity to learn new techniques and skills in policy and programme development. While discovering the strengths of each of the labs.

The Tour of the Labs runs three different programmes across three dates in July, below are the available dates and booking information. Participants booking in are expected to commit to the full day programme. 

Audience: Public sector employees Venue: Various Across Canberra
Bookings: Required  Booking/contact details: See below Cost: Free


  • July 12 - Department of Human Service's (DHS) Technology Innovation Centre, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's (DFAT) InnovationXchange, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science's (DIIS) BizLab and ThinkPlace. Booking and details here.



  • July 27 - DHS Technology Innovation Centre, DIIS BizLab, Lighthouse Innovation, Gravity Consulting.  Booking details here.


More information on the activities provided at each below

BizLab - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (July 12, 19,27) (

A crash course in User Centred Design (UCD) - this course will give you insights into the core principles of UCD, exposing some of the common misconceptions and undertaking the processes of UCD. Discover ethnographic techniques to user research with interview role play, developing user profiles and journey maps leading to better project and policy design. 

The Technology Innovation Centre - Department of Human Services (July 12, 27)

The Centre fosters an innovation culture through its showcase and interactive space. Participants can explore the possibilities that leading edge technology provides for digital service delivery.  The group will experience an interactive tour of the centre and will be able to access and use the futuristic technology on display. They will also be exposed to, and be able to provide their insights into future technology opportunities that could be showcased via the Centre. This will be a facilitated design session that will stretch people’s imagination and let them be inspired by what our future could become. 

InnovationXchange - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (July 12, 19) (

The innovationXchange (iXc) vision is for Australian Aid to be a recognised leader in innovation, delivering new and cost-effective solutions to pressing development challenges to improve the lives of people in the Indo-Pacific regions.

The iXc with assistance from Atlassian will ask participants to discuss the future of the workforce and how new technology can generate jobs and increase labour productivity, it also creates job displacement and what that means for youth all over the world but with a particular focus on the Indo-Pacific.  The session will cover a series of experiences from the iXc and Atlassian looking at challenges and solve-athons, experimenting, partnering and learning.

ThinkPlace (July 12, 19) (

ThinkPlace fuses design thinking and systems thinking for public good. For a taste of what this looks like, participants will be given a rapid education session about a few core concepts that are essential in designing complex systems to create a community outcome.

Participants will then take part in a 44 minute challenge – an intense, realistic 2022 scenario where they will need to use what they have learned to respond to an emerging, unprecedented issue with major implications for the safety of Australians. The session will be followed by a reflection session about the “felt” experience of designing complex systems that put the human and the community at the centre.

Department of Employment (July 19)

'Walk in the shoes of a job seeker’. The first half of this session will involve empathy mapping exercises of a couple of job seeker personas (e.g. young Indigenous job seeker, mother with kids but looking to get back into the workforce etc). The second half of the session will involve mapping of the job seeker journey against the complex ecosystem that they deal with (e.g. interactions with employment services, employers, mentors and others etc). Through this, we will also showcase discovery and ideation work we have already undertaken as part of our internal user-centred design projects).

Gravity Consulting (July 27) (

The Future of Work workshop will help attendees transform the traditional ways of thinking and co-design with the intent of transitioning traditional Design Thinking methods into Design Doing. The workshop will use a series of experiences ranging from visualisation and augmented reality to deliberate on and envision the Future of Work in Government. 

Lighthouse Innovation (July 27) (

The ability to communicate and present your ideas both formally and informally is essential for success in the modern workplace. Presentation skills are the next ‘competitive advantage’ and are at the core of being able to sell yourself. This interactive workshop will include a range of activities and exercises to help you build upon and improve your approach to delivering presentations.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017 - 8:00am to Thursday, 27 July 2017 - 6:00pm