Social Media in Government Seminar - August 2010

Each year in the Department of Innovation, members of our Graduate Development Program are responsible for a major project on which they report to our Departmental Executive. This year one of the graduate groups has been tasked with looking at Government 2.0 and associated possible opportunities for the Department.

Recently, as part of their project, the graduate group arranged a seminar on social media and government by two speakers - Todd Wright of Threesides, and Craig Thomler, a leading Gov 2.0 practitioner in the Australian Public Service.

In the spirit of openness that underlies Gov 2.0, and with the consent of Todd and Craig, we're sharing the presentations and the video recordings of their talks.

Todd's presentation can be found below.

View more presentations from threesides.

The video of Todd's presentation is in two parts - ToddWrightPart1 [11.1MB] and ToddWrightPart2 [10.9MB].

Craig's presentation can be found below.

The video of Craig's presentation is in two parts - CraigThomlerPart1 [11.1MB] and CraigThomlerPart2 [17.3MB].

Please psi [at] (email us) if you require a different format for the presentations or the footage.