As part of an organisation’s planning process, agencies can identify what, if any, resources they have available to support innovative activity. Much of this planning will be done on a project-by-project basis and will need to consider not only financial resources but also human resources.

For some ideas, due to their scale or implications, it may be necessary to identify resources at a higher level. To do this, agencies need to have a mechanism for finding resources to support new or experimental ideas or concepts. These mechanisms will be agency-specific. Some agencies may look at garnering areas of underspend; others may consider imposing an innovation dividend on areas of expenditure to establish a specific fund or allocation. Large activities or trials may require a new policy proposal.

Depending on these considerations, agencies could consider creating a centrally held fund available from which teams could competitively bid for the purposes of evaluating, trialling and implementing innovative solutions. This would provide a clear statement of the agency’s support for innovative activity and ensure that some innovative approaches are attempted.