For Event Hosts

I want to host an Innovation Month event. What do I do?
Date of Publication: 
24 April 2019

Note for event registrants: While the event schedule will be updated regularly, you are strongly encouraged to register your Innovation Month event as soon as possible to maximise attendance and ensure your event does not conflict with others. The deadline for event registration is Friday, 14 June 2019.


Registering your event

All Innovation Month events must be registered using the online registration web form. This includes events that are open to the public or public sector colleagues which will be promoted publicly, and internal Departmental staff-only events which will not be promoted publicly. This is so that we can keep track of all activities across the month, for evaluation and reporting purposes. 

To be included in the national Innovation Month Event Schedule your event must:

  • Fit with the 2019 theme of 'Test. Fail. Learn. Deliver'
  • Be free-of-charge
  • Use the nationally consistent messaging and branding provided by the PSIN. You can download the logos and other collateral below this text. 
  • Be registered with the PSIN using the online registration web form
  • Be listed on Eventbrite 
  • Be consistent with the APS Code of Conduct


Promoting your event

Information provided on your registration web form will be used to fill in the national Innovation Month Event Schedule, and for any promotional tweets and mentions in the PSIN newsletter. The PSIN Team has final approval on materials sent via its channels. 

You can keep up to date on the events taking place through our newsletter, which has a subscription of over 3,500 members, or follow us on Twitter @PSInnovate. You can also be part of the story by using the hashtag Innovation Month 2019 hashtag #innovationmonth

If you haven't received one already, email us at PSI [at] for a copy of the Innovation Month Communications Plan. This includes key messages and other tips for hosting an event. 


What other assistance is available to me?

If you haven't developed an event before please take a look at our Event Management Primer. The primer is written for public servants with little to no experience in event management.

The PSIN team can also assist you with:

  • promotion of your event via its channels
  • assistance in the development of an Eventbrite registration page, and
  • the possibility of making connections and sharing resources via the PSIN membership.