The PSIN State Chapter Co-ordinators - Melbourne

Remember that time we said we'd like to set up PSIN chapters in other states? Well, we've done it.

The PSIN State Chapter Co-ordinators are here for your state-based co-ordinating pleasure. With the Department of Industry and Science taking a leadership role in the APS Innovation agenda we've used our out-of-Canberra contacts in the portfolio agency AusIndustry to recruit volunteers to be 'our person' in the area - our State PSIN Chapter Co-ordinator.   And they are:

  • Sydney: Peter Gregory

  • Brisbane: Christopher Clark

  • Melbourne: Andree Bostelmann

  • Hobart: Alistair Kay

  • Adelaide & Darwin: Moi Odubasa

  • Perth: Richard Wilkinson

The role of the State PSIN Chapter Co-ordinator is, at its simplest, to be our go-to person when a PSIN member asks what's happening in their local area (we don't always know, we're in ivory-tower Canberra).

To do this of course they'll need to know who's who in the local area, what networks are running related to public sector innovation or an aspect of it (e.g. policy design, open data) and what resources are available to whom.

And that's where you come in! We already have a fair idea of what public sector initiatives are happening around the country but we'd like to take this opportunity to be updated by our readers.

For that we will be posting six semi-identical blogs over two weeks asking for information on what public sector innovation initiatives and contacts are available in the six chapter areas. This week we're asking for contact details and information for Sydney, Hobart, and Melbourne; and this blog is for Melbourne.

If you know suitable contacts please add those details in the comments section below, or email us psi [at] with the details, adding the city you're talking about in the email title. The more precise the information you provide, the more helpful it is.

Darwin members, you are merged with Adelaide as that is the structure of the AusIndustry offices, however we're very keen to get contacts that are willing to work with us in the Darwin area. Remember, if you registered to the PSIN and noted that you're interested in joining a local PSIN group, then you already receive a lot of information the PSIN Canberra and state Chapter co-ordinators receive. If you'd like to update your registration details, the link to do so is at the bottom of every PSIN newsletter.

Hobart members, we have a 'save the date' opportunity for you; Stephanie Wade from the US Office of Personnel Management’s Innovation Lab will be in town on October 13 and your local Co-ordinator is working on developing an informative local event round that.

That said also remember that the PSIN Chapter Co-ordinators volunteered for this role. Unlike the PSIN Secretariat this is not their full time job. Please keep that in mind and remember that each state and territory is different with different opportunities and challenges.

Thank you for your assistance in helping to strengthen the PSIN, we looking forward to finding out more about what innovation initiatives can assist public servants in your local area and sharing more stories of innovation across the nation.