PSIN Developments in the States

So what’s happening in the states and territories in government innovation?

If you’ve been following the newsletter you’ll know we here at the PSIN have been putting the call out for more members to update their details so we know more about you. Currently there are 1937 members in the network, and last time I checked about 800 had registered with additional details (i.e. joined after we’d changed the registration form in May last year) and 1100 who hadn’t.  Checking today I find we have 904 members with additional details and 1033 without. So 70-odd members have updated/joined since the call was first put two weeks ago. Thanks to all those who've taken the time to add their details.

Why do we need these extra details?  Put simply, we need to know who is in the group and how we can reach them.  Last year there was a strong reaction to our request for interest by members  interested in setting up networks and events focused on sharing information on public sector innovation. There were also numerous requests in responses to our closing survey for more Innovation Month events outside Canberra.

The information we need to find out is; 1) Where our audience are; 2) Whether they work in government or not; and 3) If they are interested in being part of organising PSIN events by joining a local PSIN group.

So far, of the 904 members registered with full details 529 are interested in joining a local group. These members with an interest in joining a local PSIN group get updates from us on what’s happening in their area, organisational updates, and occasionally we open the Canberra-based monthly coordinators meeting up for state-based members to join us in the discussion.

We have made many good contacts in the states from this initiative, and have heard of groups developing from up from our focus on communicating with the states. The WA Landgate group Lunarticks developed from 2014’s GovCamp event. Some of the contacts we've made with key players in the different states include the Business Innovation & Improvement in Government  (BIIG) in Queensland, the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), and the High Performance Framework team in South Australia, and the Intrapreneurs network and Peer Academy in Victoria.  We’d love to both make more contacts and see more groups develop.

The reason for gathering this information is to determine the capacity for public sector innovation in different locations.  Below is a breakdown of the 529 members interested in joining a local PSIN group, indicating a higher interest in public sector innovation, and possibly a willingness to develop Innovation Month events.



It is important to remember that we can't establish local PSIN groups with secretariat support to the extent we have in Canberra, but we can give you resources to assist interested parties contact each other.  We can promote your events on the newsletter, blog and calendar, and assist in registering attendees. For government employees we have other resources such as the PSIN OPSI platform, an online area for members to discuss innovation, and we are currently hosting event management training for beginners.

If you're wishing to meet like-minded colleagues in public sector innovation then the simplest method is to set up a networking event outside of office hours, such as the ones regularly held in Canberra. As for Innovation Month, we're reaching out to key contacts, and encouraging members to take part and develop their own events. There are good numbers in many of the metro areas that could be used to build a support base for any innovation initiatives you feel are missing in your local area. And remember, the above table is members registered as interested in joining a local group, there's an additional 375 members registered with an interest in public sector innovation, and another 1033 whose details we as yet do not have. If you have an Innovation Month event in mind, or know a local network in your area with a focus on public sector innovation, please drop us a line psi [at]