Proposed event for Innovation Month

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) is looking to host a series of Innovation events in Innovation Month in Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

They're looking to host the same event in each city to measure any differences on the topic across location. The topics on offer are:

Characteristics of innovation

There are plenty of resources on what the key characteristics are of innovators, but how do you actually develop them? We'll go through some characteristics, the best tools we know for each one, and the best resources we've found to develop them for yourself.

Dealing with obstructive personalities

With any innovation initiative in the public sector, you're going to encounter resistance on many fronts. In this interactive workshop we'll create personas (imagined character or role) of the most difficult people to influence and talk about the best strategies to address them.

Reducing risk through innovation

The risk conversation dominates the public sector. What does this mean for innovation, which is inherently risky? How do we address the risk of not innovating? And finally, how might we structure innovation to actually reduce risk for the whole organisation?

Talking about failure

We can't admit failure in the public sector, yet we all know it is inherent to learning and innovation. This workshop will provide participants with a way to discuss what failure in innovation really looks like and how to make genuine space for learning and innovation.

To determine the preferred topic, please note your preferences via this short survey.