Policy Visualisation Network

Dear PVN Members,

The Policy Visualisation Network is no longer supported in its operation.

However, given the interest of PVN members in data visualisation techniques we would encourage you to subscribe to the Data Analytics Centre of Excellence website, ‘Analytics Space’. The homepage can be found at http://analyticsspace.net.au. The Data Analytics Centre of Excellence runs regular community forums focussed upon analytics and the use of data. Visualisation has been a theme of a number of their forums.

To subscribe simply follow instructions at http://lists.analyticsspace.net.au/mailman/listinfo/analytics. By managing your subscription through AnalyticsSpace Mailing List Manager you will be able to receive regular alerts to upcoming community forums and other information relevant to the data and analytics field. The ‘Analytics Space’ mailing list is available to users with a ‘.gov.au’ suffix.

The site includes a calendar of events and Q&A forum. The purpose of the Q&A forum is to allow a free flow of interactions between government employees working with data and analytics. The Q&A forum is accessible by registering via http://analyticsspace.net.au/?page_id=651 with your ‘.gov.au’ email address.