Other Networks


In addition to the Public Sector Innovation Network, there are many other networks that operate across the Australian Public Service. While not all of these explicitly relate to innovation, they are all about sharing information, issues and best practice. The Public Sector Innovation Toolkit provides links to these other networks for information. If you are aware of any other relevant networks, please psi [at] industry.gov.au (subject: Public%20Sector%20networks) (get in contact with us).

Innovation, Design & Strategy Related Networks

  • Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Network (AJASN) – a cross-agency horizon scanning network including some state/territory/local government agencies (and some from outside of Australia). Facilitated by Delaney Foresight

  • Commonwealth State and Territory Advisory Council on Innovation – a council of high level officials (which meets twice a year) from the Australian Government,  the State and Territory governments, and the New Zealand Government, who advise and coordinate comment on their innovation policy, activities and programs. With a targeted and strategic approach to innovation issues, the Council aims to improve the effectiveness, integration and coordination of the national innovation system. Facilitated by the Department of Industry

  • Coordination Committee on Innovation – a discussion forum for Australian Government departments and agencies with responsibilities or interests that impact on the national innovation system. The Committee comprises representatives from Commonwealth Departments and Agencies and acts as an information sharing forum for Australian Government innovation activities. Facilitated by the Department of Industry

  • Cross Agency Social Media (CASM) govdex – CASM was set up originally to aid discussion about social media between public servants in all jurisdictions. CASM allows participants to share resources, knowledge and achievements to help drive innovation in the social media space across the APS.  Members of CASM are also invited to monthly presentations and workshops around social media. If you’d like to join the CASM govdex please get in touch with allan.barger [at] finance.gov.au (subject: Cross%20Agency%20Social%20Media) (Allan Barger)

  • APS Human Rights Network – supports the people working in the Australian Public Service (APS) to discuss how human rights relate to their work. The Network is intended for all levels of officers across all sectors of the APS. The Network meets approximately four times a year on contemporary human rights issues. Coordinated by the Australian Human Rights Commission

  • Ethics Contact Officer Network (ECONet) - discusses ethical issues relevant to the APS and includes contact officers from all agencies that have nominated across the APS. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission

  • Heads of Corporate Forum - This forum is designed for the SES responsible for HR functions in their agency and focuses on contemporary issues facing corporate and HR areas of agencies. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission

  • Human Capital Research forum - The forum is run by APS Workforce Research Practice Group and all APS staff are welcome to attend. The forum presents research on trends in HR that impact on the future of the APS

  • Innovation Policy Report – aims to highlight departmental, national and international developments in the innovation policy area (not necessarily public sector). It also includes summaries of relevant innovation documents and events. Compiled by the Department of Industry

  • The Business Improvement in Government Community of Practice (BusinessReform [at] comsuper.gov.au (subject: Information%20on%20Business%20Improvement%20in%20Government%20Community%20of%20Practice%20) (email)) is an informal knowledge sharing community with the role of helping agencies in implementing process improvement. This community has been established through the merger of the Lean in Government Community of Practice and the Process Practitioners Forum. The scope of the Business Improvement in Government group includes process management and improvement, business architecture, whole of Government interoperability, change (management), capabilities, cooperation and innovation. By increasing interactions among agencies, sharing knowledge and providing mutual support, this community aims to help members:
    • Have visibility of the range of process improvement methodology being used across the Australian Public Service
    • Share lessons learned in terms of methodology used to implement process improvement
    • Share contacts and resources (as applicable) in implementing process improvement

  • Local Government Designers Forum – The Local Government Designers Forum (LGDF) is a network of professional designers and related disciplines working in local government. “By its very nature it is loosely structured, not for profit and based on the time and effort voluntarily provided by its participants. LGDF is not affiliated to any existing professional organisation as its intent is not covered by any single organisation, but welcomes an open exchange with other organisations”

  • Policy Visualisation Network – a network that aims to bring policy makers and designers together to explore how the APS can better use visualisation techniques to provide better policy analysis, advice or engagement. Facilitated by a cross-agency steering committee

  • Strategic Policy Network (SPN) – comprising SES policy practitioners from across the APS. The network meets regularly to discuss strategic policy issues, including better practice methodologies. The Strategic Policy Network is developing an online strategic policy resource that will provide APS staff with access to practical policy development tools. Facilitated by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

  • SPN+ – an open forum for all APS strategic policy practitioners, building on discussions held by the SPN. Facilitated by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

General Inter-agency Networks

  • APS 200 – senior leadership group made up of Secretary and Deputy Secretary level staff of Commonwealth departments and agencies. The APS200 champions critical projects across the service, focusing on complex challenges that span more than one specific portfolio. It identifies and discusses strategic priorities. Supported by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Australian Public Service Commission
  • Executive Level Leadership Network – provides an opportunity for EL employees from across the APS to come together to strengthen their leadership practice by hearing from a range of engaging speakers with diverse perspectives, sharing insights and experiences with colleagues, and building collaborative networks across agencies. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission
  • SES Events Series – These events support the professional development of senior leaders in the APS, aiding them to stay abreast of the latest developments in the APS, connect and engage with other senior leaders on the opportunities and challenges for the APS, share insights into contemporary leadership and management practice, and build professional networks with colleagues from a diverse range of agencies. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission

Function/Issue Based Networks

  • APS Policy Implementation Network – a network of Deputy Secretaries drawn from across the APS, with the purpose of sharing knowledge, lessons learned and best practice approaches to implementation and delivery. Facilitated by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • APS Knowledge Management – a knowledge management community of practice for knowledge management practitioners working in the APS. The Forum comprises a group of knowledge management practitioners who aim to share knowledge on current methods and practices, engage in collaborative activities for knowledge management between government agencies, and identify strategies that will raise awareness of knowledge management in APS senior management
  • APS Mobile Technology Community of Practice – the Mobile CoP has been established to facilitate the sharing of knowledge in the adoption and management of mobile technology in the public sector and is open to Australian Government participants. Facilitated by the Department of Finance
  • Australasian Environmental Law Enforcement and Regulators Network – a network that connects environmental regulators to share and solve common issues and support better practice regulatory approaches. The network comprises agencies from across Federal, State, Territory and Local Governments, including New Zealand
  • GAIN Australia – the Government Agencies Information Network is a national network supporting agency information and records managers in the Australian Government. GAIN Australia provides professional development and networking opportunities through online and face-to-face forums. It includes information and records management updates from the National Archives and also provides mechanisms for information management professionals across government to share their expertise and experiences. Facilitated by the National Archives of Australia
  • Government Programs Community of Practice Forum - an informal knowledge sharing round-table, to promote better practice and awareness of approaches to delivering government funding programs, and to share tools and lessons learned amongst peers across Australian Government agencies. The Forum meets quarterly and is facilitated by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
  • Human Resource Leaders Forum – a forum for HR practitioners (generally the EL2 level) who are dealing with current HR issues within their agencies. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission
  • ICT – includes the Chief Information Officer Committee and the Chief Information Officer Forum, both run by the Department of Finance
  • Indigenous APS Employees forums - These forums provide an important opportunity for Indigenous employees to come together to explore issues affecting them in the workplace and provide input into strategic priorities. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission
  • Indigenous Employment HR Forum - The IEHR is for indigenous employment HR practitioners from across the APS. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission
  • Information Contact Officer Network (ICON)  – a network for Freedom of Information (FOI), Information Publication Scheme (IPS) and Privacy Contact Officers in Australian Government agencies, the Norfolk Island administration and, relating to privacy only, ACT government agencies. Facilitated by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
  • Interdepartmental Flexible Workplace Interest Group - examines and advise on the potential for Flexible Workplace policy and projects across the Australian Public Service (APS).  The interest group will function in an advisory and consultative manner, providing advice to Finance’s Policy and Advice Branch and other interested entities. The interest group does not have responsibility for formulating or approving policy or practice.  The group can be contacted PropertyFramework [at] finance.gov.au (via this email )PropertyFramework [at] finance.gov.au (for all Commonwealth Property Management Framework inquiries.) Mention ‘Flexible Working’, ‘Flexible Workplace Interest Group’ or ‘IFWIG’ in the title
  • OnSecure – an online community for Australian government ICT professionals to access and share information about information security matters, facilitated by the Australian Signals Directorate
  • People Management Network forums - The PMN forums are held in regional areas for senior HR practitioners and line managers of APS agencies in the relevant region. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission
  • Procurement Discussion Forum – provides procurement and contract management officials with the opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues and to hear from a range of experts on topics across the full procurement cycle. Facilitated by the Department of Finance and Deregulation

Regional Networks

  • Australian Government Leadership Network - AGLN is for senior staff from APS agencies in the relevant regions. Facilitated by the Australian Public Service Commission

  • Hunter APS Network – a group operating in the Newcastle region. The focus of the group is to build a strategic network to share ideas to improve and strengthen each APS department, service delivery, policy, work force and community interaction

External Not-for-Profit Public Administration Networks

  • Canberra Evaluation Forum – a not for profit, unincorporated networking Association that facilitates people to gather for the purposes of presenting and discussing issues of common interest concerning program and project evaluation. The Forum is a network of Commonwealth and ACT Government departments and agencies, private sector companies and academics interested in evaluation and performance management issues in the public and private sectors
  • Change Management Institute – The Change Management Institute (CMI) is an independent, international, not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and develop the practice of change management. It has an ACT Chapter
  • Institute of Public Administration Australia – the nationwide professional association for those involved in public administration

External Informal Networks

  • TEDxCanberra – TEDx­Can­berra is a vol­un­teer run, non-­profit ideas event that brings the inter­na­tion­ally recog­nised TED brand to the National Cap­i­tal once a year in the Spring for an inde­pen­dently organ­ised TEDx event
  • Gov 2.0 – there is a loose, informal network around Gov 2.0 and an informal discussion forum for the group.