2019 PSIN meeting schedule

25 January 2019

The Public Sector Innovation Network (PSIN) is excited to bring members a new format of meetings in 2019. You may notice throughout the year that a certain theme emerges… that’s because we’ve serialised the meetings around the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation’s (OPSI) Innovation Facets.

Over the course the year, we’ll cover off each quadrant of the Facet’s diamond, bringing in experts in each field and using real life examples and case studies. We’ll step you through the Facets, hear what the experts have to say, and show you what to do (and what not to do!).

We should note, although the meetings are serialised and each one contributes to an overall story of how the Facets operate, don’t worry if you can’t attend them all. We’ve structured the meetings so you can attend as few or as many as you like, and still gain an understanding of how each particular Facet is brought to life. That said, of course we encourage you to attend as many as possible as they’re sure to be nothing short of fascinating!

OPSI Innovation Facets

So what are the Innovation Facets? Essentially, a structure for understanding and managing the different types of public sector innovation. By using this model we’re able to focus our efforts where they’re needed, with an internationally agreed rationale to support our work. OPSI has broken it down nicely on their website, and even made a short video about it.  We strongly encourage you to check it out for yourself, so you know what we’re talking about.

Now onto the schedule of meetings for 2019.

Meeting Schedule 

February        Challenging Ideas Challenges     VIEW THE IDEAS CHALLENGE RECOMMENDATIONS HERE 

Love them or hate them, we’ve all had to do one at some stage. Ideas challenges seem to be an old favourite in the public sector when it’s time to innovate – but how effective are they? We’re bringing you the good, the bad, and the ugly of ideas challenges, with real life case studies and guest speakers. 

March             Data and its Importance to Innovation      

Data has become increasingly vital to public sector innovation, particularly in getting initiatives over the line with management. At this meeting we’ll hear from some data experts about just how important data is to innovation in the public sector. 

April               DFAT Futures Week 

During April we're encouraging all PSIN Members to sign up to any of the fantastic events being held by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on 8, 10 and 12 April. The events are 'One thing I know for sure', 'Nightmare scenarios' and 'The future of people, work and DFAT'. Places are limited so make sure you sign up by emailing futures [at] dfat.gov.au

May                 Are you Game? APS Gamification Marketplace

Governments around Australia have been exploring and embracing new and emerging technologies, to deliver 21st century services and provide better outcomes and experiences for all Australians. The prime drivers for government in the gaming space are virtual and augmented reality, 3D games engines and agile development. At this very special PSIN meeting, we’ll be hosting an APS Gamification Marketplace, showcasing what the APS has been up to in the gaming space.

June                No meeting           

Innovation Month is coming.....

July                 Innovation Month – no meeting     

We’ll all be busy running our own amazing events, so there’s no PSIN meeting during Innovation Month. 

August           TBC   

Watch this space!

September     The APS Review and what it means for Innovation        

With the APS Review Report due to be released in mid-2019, at this meeting we’ll do a ‘deep-dive’ into any innovation related recommendations and what this means for us. Guest speaker TBC.

October          TBC          

Guest speakers from the VPS will present a case study on their experience setting up what is now a highly effective and respected public sector innovation network.

November      TBC

Watch this space!

December       End of year celebration       

A chance to get together, have a look back on 2019 and celebrate our achievements.

Please note the PSIN meeting schedule is fluid, and timing of each meeting may change, when we host overseas visitors and the like. We’ll confirm the exact date, guest speakers and venue through the Eventbrite listing two weeks in advance of each meeting. To be absolutely sure you receive an Eventbrite invitation, join the PSIN at https://innovation.govspace.gov.au/