Webinar: Design Thinking in Government - Citizen-Centric Stories

Wednesday, 18 July 2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

This webinar will cover the benefits of Design Thinking for policy and when and how to apply it, including case studies of using Design Thinking for policy design, regulatory reform and service delivery design. 


Case studies include the pioneering Project Hive, a collaboration between NSW Department of Primary Industries, the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner and The Strategy Group to build a Whole-of-Government policy framework for the beekeeping industry.


Design Thinking originates from the traditional practice of ‘design’, wherein designers create products explicitly to meet the needs of users and customers, and borrows from the social science of ethnography, which observes the experiences of individuals and organisations from their own point of view.


Buzz around citizen-centric modes of policy design is growing, and for good reason. The main drivers include:


1) Growing citizen expectations of government;

2) Relatively low citizen trust in government;

3) Constrained budgets driving need for new streams of value creation;

4) Separation between policy makers and those implementing it;

5) Shift from ‘inside-out policy development’ to ‘outside-in policy development’;

6) Risk mitigation strategy to reduce political cost of bad policy decisions;

7) Increasing adoption of technological innovations and their integration;

8) Delivery of shorter feedback cycles, even prior to policy implementation; Ultimately, Design Thinking creates tangible and positive impact.


This webinar will focus on sharing knowledge and best practice, helping to understand when, where and how design thinking can be applied in government to design a better world for citizens.


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