Weekly Bits of Interest - 8 December 2017

Citizen involvement at all levels

We start with a recap of the recent Design as a Democratic Force event held in Canberra last week. In particular there was a focus on how the use of co-design, and bottom-up approaches can help to address low levels of citizen engagement.

In the same "CrowdLaw" thought bubble, GovLab have published their findings on the best practices from around the world.

And at an in-the-weeds level, the Ford Foundation had a look at participatory grantmaking (noting that the Ford Foundation is operating in the United States context of private philanthropy [the 'Ford' in question is of the Falcon/Taurus/Model T variety], but the ideas can be translated to the Australian context).

Acronym buster
Nesta, the UK innovation charity, was originally the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.
At the end of November Nesta launched their States of Change initiative - it's worth checking out the introductory blog. In particular Nesta are calling for practitioners of innovation and people in government wanting to develop innovation learning platforms