Weekly Bits of Interest - 25 January 2018

Anything your department can do, my department can take inspiration from is the message out of Denmark this week. The Centre for Offentlig Innovation has released an “Innovation Barometer” measuring innovation across the public sector in Denmark. The barometer found that 73% of innovations are inspired by or copied from others, and inspiration is more widespread than copying.

This copying/inspiration metric mirrors findings in the most recent Australian Innovation System Report from the Department of Industry - Office of the Chief Economist. The report looked at Australian business innovation and found that “Australian innovation-active firms overwhelmingly specialise in modifying innovations introduced by other Australian firms but are not particularly strong at introducing new-to-market innovations.”

Also in the APS, traditional hierarchies are being called out for hindering innovation (among other bad things).

Finally, how do you stop a train from hitting a deer? Make it sound like a dog.