Weekly Bits of Interest - 2 March 2018

This week we look at how to measure, how we launched, and how we lead.

"Not outputs or inputs but impact"

How to measure innovation is a complex conundrum the world over. The first bit this week is behind paywall, but worth a look - Arthur C. Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute shares the story about how the institute worked out how to measure their work better.

Lift off!

Last Thursday week we launched the Innovation Awards for 2018! Industry Deputy Secretary Elizabeth Kelly launched the awards, and Arianne Miller (Managing Director of the US Government Lab @ OPM) gave a keynote speech on the lab's journey of building innovation capability in the US public sector.

Arianne then joined a panel with Janna McCann (of BizLab at the Department of Industry), Peter Alexander (of Digital Transformation Agency), and Tara Oliver (of the Behavioural Economics Team Australia from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet). The group talked about the challenges, opportunities and journeys of building capability.


Who run the world?

A recent article from our friends at Apolitical points out that women make up 43% of leadership positions in the Australian public sector, second only to Canada in the G20. (So the launch panel was better than representative...) There's a growing body of work on the importance and usefulness of inclusive innovation, however as the article points out there's still a lot of work to do.

(By the way, any public servant can join Apolitical and we can recommend it. Highly.)

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