Weekly Bits of Interest - 2 February 2018

Innovation cartography, rethinking how to approach work, and finding insights for profound problems. All that and some events, in this week's bits of interest!

Where be dragons?

What innovation is happening? Where? What should policymakers and practitioners do about it? NESTA is scaling up their innovation mapping efforts using methods such as machine learning, text mining and interactive data visualisation.

Maybe re-imagine the whole darn thing

The Mandarin looks at how firefighters in the UK have gotten creative to solve problems that aren't initially part of their job:

"In the Re-imagined Public Servant’s job, space and time for reflection and peer-to-peer learning are incredibly important as they help to encourage discussion and creative thinking about new possibilities, rather than shifting existing processes incrementally. "

Speaking of using the brain, innovation is a mindset that you should bring to your entire day, not wait to engage in. Tamara Kleinberg at Innovation Excellence suggests that the biggest barriers to innovation aren't time, money or ability.

Deeper nudges

Behavioural economics is a useful tool for taxes and fines. Could behavioural insights be applied directly to some of society’s biggest problems, like family violence or social mobility? That’s the question currently being asked by some of its practitioners.