Weekly Bits of Interest - 1 December 2017

This week we focus on innovation applied to core government business, how to manage and deal with change, and how chickens can help you avoid waffles.

Innovation in genuine government work

We start with two examples of innovation in real projects, both at a state level with the testing of NSW Digital Driver’s Licence, and a federal level with the digital economy strategy workshops run by the Department of Industry’s Small Business Digital Taskforce.

If change isn't hard, it isn't real

Speaking at the Creative Innovation conference in Melbourne, Telstra non-executive director Steve Vamos suggests that “Change is hard … because it’s human. Organisations, societies, anything that involves us doesn’t change unless we change.”

Good leaders know that their organisation is “more than an org chart”, he says. In an age where organisations regularly have to face new challenges without known answers, managers must leverage the “social network” inside to learn from the diverse perspectives and experience held by their own colleagues.

Being uncomfortable with change is part of the process. Sally Curtain from the City of Casey says that “If people aren’t complaining, they’re not changing.” 

Meetings can be better with (rubber) chickens

How Atlassian is using a rubber chicken called Helmut to run more effective meetings.