Weekly Bits 22 September

Hello PSINer’s. This week has been a busy one for the Innovation community. There are advances within the car industry with driverless cars steering the way of the future. Also discussed is how collaborative Innovation is necessary to advance in health. Along with the fantastic articles there are a range of events happening around the wood work around innovation and collaboration.

For those in Canberra, have a great long week end. 

Innovation to create high value products and services

The future of manufacturing will be driven by disruptive technologies. This article looks at how SME’s will need to keep up with global Innovation trends to grow and remain competitive.

Innovation is creating new economic trends which have significant impact on people's lives.

"For instance, the 'share economy' is already disrupting many people's lives. Businesses are now able to unlock the value of low utilisation resources by making them available to other people who need them at a cost,"

Com plex problem at work?
This report explores how systems approaches can be used in the public sector to help resolve these problems.
The report was released by OPSI titled “Systems Approaches to Public Sector Challenges: Working with Change”
The report highlights the need for a new approach to policy making that accounts for complexity. It allows for new responses and more systemic change that deliver greater value, effectiveness, and public satisfaction.

Are driverless cars going to be a regular part of the future?  

According to an article on the NRMA Website, driverless cars will be here by 2025.

Will having driverless cars have good or bad benefits to society? And what would the impact be to the economy?

What to be in NSW’s very first autonomous shuttle trial? NRMW have joined forces with the NSW Government, HMI Technologies, Telstra, IAG, and Sydney Olympic Park Authority to launch the trial in regional areas such as Newcastle and the Hunter region.


Upcoming Events:

  • 19 October 2017

    Protect, publish, and engage: Stories about collaboration and commercialisation

  • October 31 and November

“Re-imagining public work: the future of leadership, Innovation, and pride in the public sector”.

  • 13th November- 14th November 2017.

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