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The Public Sector Innovation Network began in 2009 as part of a Management Advisory Committee project on public sector innovation as a mechanism to engage and hear from public servants who were applying innovation in their work.

The Network is open to all, but has been developed for an audience of  public sector employees and academics. Network members receive a weekly email with news, developments and events in public sector innovation and design in Australia and overseas.

If you have any other thoughts on how the Network can assist innovators and designers in the public service, please let us know in the comments below or psi [at] (email us) with your thoughts.

PSIN Agents

The PSIN Agents is a group of public servants who meet monthly to discuss innovation in the public sector, share information about agency activities and initiatives, plan innovation events and workshop key elements of the ‘how’ of innovation.

PSIN Agents commit to the terms of reference and are currently wholly Canberra-based. If you are outside Canberra in a federal, state, or local government role and you’re interested in public sector innovation, we are looking to develop other PSIN chapters. //psi [at]">Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of this initiative.

Current members of the PSIN Agents group are:

PSIN Secretariat

Rob Thomas     Lynn Goodyer Department of Industry psi(at)

PSIN Agents

Deborah Venters Department of Human Services Deborah.Venters(at)
Chris John and Silvia Liertz Department of Employment


Silvia.Liertz (at)
Prue Torrance  Melissa King Department of Education and Training


Evelyn Chung Department of Finance Evelyn.Chung(at)
Skye Smart Australian Taxation Office Skye.Smart(at)

Mira Daoud

Judi Hubner
IP Australia


Hannah Mattner Department of Communications Hannah.Mattner(at)
Abby Robinson Department of Health Abby.Robinson(at)
Richard Shanahan Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Richard.Shanahan(at)
Leanne Fry Fair Work Ombudsman Leanne.Fry(at)
Rachel Field Attorney-General's Department Rachel.Field(at)

PSIN State Co-ordinators

Below are our APS contacts for the PSIN outside of Canberra. As the PSIN is open across all tiers of government state and local public servants was welcome to make contact.

Queensland Matt Cartwright Matthew.Cartwright(at)
New South Wales Peter Gregory Peter.Gregory(at)
Victoria Andree Bostelmann Andree.Bostelmann(at)
Tasmania Alistair Kay Alistair.Kay(at)
South Australia and Northern Territory Moi Odubasa Moi.Odubasa(at)
Western Australia Richard Wilkinson Richard.Wilkinson(at)

If your department or agency doesn’t have a member and you’re interested in joining the group %20psi [at]">contact us.