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Hello fellow PSIN,

Welcome to yet another bit of Weekly Bits of Interest. 

The next PSIN Meeting will occur this Friday in Canberra hosted by our colleagues at Comcare.

3 Innovation types: Evolution, Prevention, Creative:
Too often we position innovation as creating a new and valuable offering or solution, ready when customers are ready to demand new products and services. In other words, we’ve positioned innovation as something to do to prepare for future business, future needs, and future demands.

How long does Innovation take?
“Agile” has become the mantra for the digital age. If you don’t move fast, so the thinking goes, you can never be any good, because your competitors will get there first and you’ll be left in the dust. In many circles, this notion has become so well established that no one even thinks to question it anymore.

Do we need a digital AU dollar?
The Digital Australian Dollar (DAD) would be a digital version of the Australian dollar of sort that can be transacted on the block chain but anchored to the fiat currency, rather than something often seen as volatile like bitcoin or other digital currencies.

PSIN October Meeting
27 October 2017 Comcare Canberra

TEDx Adelaide- Zoom Out
Adelaide Town Hall, Thursday 2 November 2017

Open Opportunity Canberra
30 November- National Press Club of Australia

Public Sector data Integration
Friday 3 Novemebr 2017
Grand Hall, National Gallery of Australia

Creating effective innovation ecosystems
Tuesday 17 October University of Melbourne

Service Improvement and innovation in Universities                                                                                                   
19/ 20 October 2017 Sydney harbour

IPAA 2017 National Conference
15 Novemebr 2017
Great Hall- Parliament House Canberra

Public Sector Strategy Mapping workshop    
5/6 December 2017
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GPO Box 1542
Sydney NSW 2001
p: +61 2 8239 9711


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