Innovation Month Summit

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Public Sector Innovation – Future frontiers

Now that we understand what innovation is or can be WHAT NOW? How can we apply it to our everyday work practices?

The Innovation Conference will interweave dynamic speakers with creative comedy insights and audience participation creating an informal, exciting and innovative event.

The Conference will be an interactive, informative and inspirational event allowing you to walk away with practical tools on how to nurture new ideas, whether they are simple or more sophisticated, within your organisation. The Conference style is mediated through humour to promote effective communication, dissolve barriers and enhance collaboration for all participants.

The Conference is relevant to anyone in the public sector who wants to share ideas, concepts, approaches and actions to benefit themselves and their work place.

The theme of the 2016 Innovation Month Conference is about Innovation in the Future. How can our thinking and actions that we do NOW influence the outcome of our desired FUTURE. What future do we want in the APS, in our own organisations, in our work environment and as individuals?


Our inspirational speakers will explore the future of innovation as a powerful and effective way of supporting organisations and individuals in understanding that our future and the type of future we desire is dependent on how we do business now.

Conference Programme: 5th July 2016 9.00 am – 5.30 pm

Bill Turner9.00 .9.15: Conference Opening

Chair: Bill Turner

Branch Head – Department of Health

Martin Bowles Secretary – Department of Health

9.15 – 9.30 

Martin Bowles

Secretary – Department of Health

Professor Ian Chubb9.30 – 10.05

Professor Ian Chubb AC

Courage to Innovate. Professor Ian Chubb AC was Australia's Chief Scientist from 2011 to 2015.

Dr Kate Sinclair10.05 – 10.40

Dr Kate Sinclair

Beyond Data and Failing fast: Taking our own brave leap into the void. Kate's presentation explores that for innovation to succeed in the public sector we each require the skills to take a brave leap into the unknown. These skills might fly in the face of our current system – but without them we are at risk of producing the same old same old – under new banners and policies.

Kate is the Founder and CEO of Global Citizen Leaders and has driven innovation change in health practices in coal mines, legal practices for children, and is currently working to influence change in the education system.

Global Citizen Leader logo

10.40 – 10.55

Morning Tea

Allan Ryan10.55 – 11.30

Allan Ryan

Beware Innovation Ahead – Understand the peaks and pitfalls of innovation in large organisationsAllan will share that the need for innovation is well understood. Learning from others improves the start up for individuals and leaders to create innovative culture and deliver change.

Allan is the Founder of the Hargraves Institute and Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School. He is also President of Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW. – And is an innovator and entrepreneur, catalyst and mentor to innovators in organisations.

Hargraves Institute

Christine Oakley11.3o – 12.05

Christine Oakley

Facilitating Collaboration and Innovation. Christine will speak about a program that skilled up a team of Collaboration and Innovation Facilitators across the Planning Group in the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Christine is the Director for Business Strategy – Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Christine is passionate about building capacity to drive collaboration and innovation within Government.

James Young12.05 – 12.40

James Young

Connect for Innovation? What can the sectors learn from each other as innovation becomes normal… James will explore organisations from different sectors that are developing innovation strategies and genuinely trying to get broad staff engagement.  He will speak on the value of cross sectoral collaboration for addressing the issues and opportunities we are all facing as innovation becomes normal.

James Young is the Canberra lead for Collaborative Innovation Forum and Advocate for Hargraves Institute in the ACT.

Hargraves Institute

 12.40 – 1.40


Simon Brown1.40 – 2.15

Simon Brown-Greaves

Human Behaviour and Innovation – Enablers and Blockers. Simon will address how human behavior plays a large part in enabling or blocking innovation in the work place.

Simon Brown-Greaves is an experienced senior executive manager and organisational psychologist with more than 20 years' involvement in helping businesses and public sector organisations align people and performance. Simon is the Director of FBG Group.

profile images Simon Longstaff 2.15 – 2.50

Dr Simon Longstaff AO

Innovation and the art of Constructive Subversion. The greatest enemy of ethics – and of innovation – is 'unthinking custom and practice'. The failure to think consciously about the way in which organisational cultures relate to purpose, values and principles leads, inadvertently, to organisations betraying the reasons for which they were established. There is only one sure antidote – leadership invested with the moral courage to practice constructive subversion.

Dr Simon Longstaff AO is the Executive Director of the Ethics Centre.

Ethics Centre Logo

Natalie Pavuk2.50 – 3.25

Natalie Pavuk

The Evolution of Innovation Champions to Innovation Activists. Natalie will share practical tips of what Roche have learnt during their 10 year journey with creating an innovative organisation.

Natalie is Head of Business Analytics at Roche Pty Ltd and guided the 10 year journey of the Innovation Activists.

 3.25 – 3.40

Afternoon Tea

Deborah Blackman3.40 – 4.15

Professor Deborah Blackman

Innovation – why the rhetoric reality gap? Deborah will ask why it is that, despite such a long history of calls for, and examples of, innovation, so few organisations manage to develop a sustainable innovation culture.

Deborah is a Professor at School of Business at University of New South Wales. Deborah Blackman has a history in researching organisational learning and knowledge management in order to increase innovation and implementation effectiveness.

 4.15 – 5.00

Panel: Deep in the Bowels of Innovation –What are the barriers, resistance and myths?

5.00 – 5.30

Final Questions and Summit Closure


The Conference has been designed to create an informal environment with plenty of humour and fun to foster effective collaborations and communications.

We encourage participants to embrace the spirit of innovation through having a lot of fun learning, interacting and networking, and look forward to you joining us for this energetic day of discussion, learning and interaction.

Ticket price for the full day event is $50 with $2.00 of each ticket going towards Dice Kids  (Contact  erin.lynn [at] ())

Tickets can be purchased from the Try Booking website.


If you have any enquiries about the event, please contact the Conference Organiser, Abby.Robinson [at] (Dr Abby Robinson).


There are numerous hotels in the area, two of the closest to the venue are the ABODE Hotel phone: 1300 122 633 and the Quality Hotel (near the Woden Tradies Club) phone: 02 6281 7733.

Parking arrangements

  • Free parking at Hellenic Club – Hold onto your parking tickets and before leaving get it verified at the reception desk to cancel parking fee.
  • SkyPark – multi-storey parking between Melrose Drive and Furzer St, Phillip. Daily rates of $9.50 (open between 5.45 am – 11.45 pm, covers you for 12 hours during the day
  • Westfield mulit-storey parking in Neptune Street Car Park (corner of Neptune St and Bradley St). Daily rate of $8.00 (you need to park before 6.30 -9.00 am and exit between 3.30 – 6.00 pm)


WiFi is available in Olympus room – Hellenic Club


We would like to acknowledge the following support:

  • Department of HealthDepartment of Health Logo
    • Innovation Conference Assistants, Innovation Champions and Health staff for their ongoing support.
    • Innovation Conference organiser and liaison officer abby.robinson [at] (email Dr Abby Robinson)