Innovation Month Event Holders

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Welcome and thank you for running an event during Innovation Month 2017.

In this feedback survey we will gather some information about you, your feedback on Innovation Month 2017 overall, and some feedback on your events, including your attendance numbers.

Please ensure you have your attendance numbers on hand before you begin this survey as it forms a critical part of our overall report.

We will follow up with you if you do not provide attendance numbers. 

This survey has space for reporting on up to 20 events. If you hosted or are reporting on more than 20 events (firstly, wow) and secondly you will have to fill in this survey again. If you are returning to complete your report and have already filled in the survey once, after providing your identifying information, click 'No' to our "Is this the first time you've filled in this form?" question and you will be expedited to the correct section of the survey, allowing you to finish your report.

Many thanks,

The PSIN Team

This survey allows you to provide detail on up to 20 Innovation Month events. If you hosted more than 20 events you will need to finish your report in a second survey. If you are returning to this survey to finish your report Click 'No' and you will skip to the events report area. If this is your first time filling in this survey leave the answer 'Yes'.