Innovation Month 2017 - Making it Happen

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Innovation Month is now in its sixth year and continues to showcase and discuss innovation across the Australian Public Service (APS).  Innovation Month will run from 3-31 July and the theme for this year is 'Making it Happen'.

What is Innovation Month?

Innovation Month is an annual showcase on public sector innovation, its achievements and challenges. Although innovation is all year round, Innovation Month provides an opportunity to focus on what's happening across the public sector and have an open conversation about how the public sector innovation journey is going.

Innovation Month 2017 Posters

The Innovation Month Poster is available to distribute across your networks and workplaces, it is available here (pdf 100kb). It does not list all the open Innovation Month events, those can be found below. If you'd like to create your own Innovation Month poster the blank template is also available (docx 576kb).

Innovation Month 2017 Programme

The Innovation Month programme will be listed below, updated as new events are registered.

June 28

11am Dr Amantha Imber Keynote - ‘Innovation Survivor: how to outthink, outsmart and outlast your competitors’ - Canberra City

July 3

11am - Innovation Month Launch - Canberra City

July 5

3pm - Design Disruptors screening Parkes

5pm - First Wednesday Connect - Canberra City

July 7

8.30am-4pm  - Being Real Leadership Forum - Perth

July 11

11am, 12pm, 1pm - User Centric Design Lab Tour - Belconnen

2pm - Making Change Happen - Parkes

July 12

8am-6pm Tour of the Labs Canberra

July 13

9am Masterclass: Tech for Non Tech - Melbourne

1.30pm Half-Day Interactive Seminar - Using User-Centred Approaches  - Canberra City

July 14

11.30am- Lunchtime session: film screening "Design Disruptors" - Tuggeranong

4pm - Innovation Happy Hour - Canberra Civic

July 17

11.30am - Encouraging intrapreneurship in your organisation - Belconnen

Design thinking activity with Lego (fully booked, wait list available)

July 18

8.30am - Design Thinking for design policies

9am - Intro to Design for Government, Policy Making and Commissioning: Sydney

9am - Making Innovation Happen with James O'Loghlin - Canberra City and online streaming 

11am - Making Innovation Happen with James O'Loghlin - Belconnen

July 19

8am-6pm Tour of the Labs Canberra

9am-12pm Disrupt the Public Sector Conference, Melbourne

10am-11.30am Wildlife Drones - Winner of the 2016 Innovation ACT Award - Parkes

2pm - Questacon Maker Project: Rube Goldberg Protostorming Workshop

2pm - Movie Screening of ‘Design Disruptors

July 20

9am-4pm - Australian Government Leadership Network (AGLN) Conference - The future of work - Perth

11.30am - Lunchtime film screening: Demain - Tuggeranong

10.30am - Show-and-Tell Showcase Event - Canberra City

1.30pm - Intro to Design for Government, Policy Making and Commissioning: Adelaide

2pm - Public Sector Design Innovation Community of Practice - Brisbane

July 21

10am - Questacon Maker Project: Robot Hack Protostorming Workshop - Deakin

1pm - Competitive Co-design; A New Way to Approach the Market - Belconnen

1.30pm - Lightning Talks, Geelong

July 24

10am - Blockchain presentation with Data61 - Canberra City

11am - Blockchain - Opportunities for use in government - Melbourne

2:15pm - DSS film screening "Design Disruptors" - Tuggeranong *formerly 14 July

5.30pm Content Communications and Evidence-based Approach to Government Communications and Engagement - ANU

July 25

9am - PSIN Tasmania - Bridging the Gap -from Information Silos to Linked Data

10am Machine Learning, The Dark Web and Graph Analytics; the future of Intelligence - Belconnen

10.30am - Leading Public Policy Innovation - Workshop with The Policy Lab - Department of Health Woden. 

2pm - How to Measure Impact when Addressing Wicked Problems - Online  

July 26

9am-5pm - Public Sector Innovation Manager's Crash Course - Melbourne

10.30am - Dr Jason Fox Keynote - ‘Change the Game: craft a culture fit for the future of work’ - Canberra City

4-6pm - Innovation Awards Ceremony - Canberra

July 27

8am-6pm Tour of the Labs Canberra

8am-10am Tour of the DHS Technology Innovation Centre

9am Innovate Team Performance - Parkes

9am-4pm Australian Government Leadership Network (AGLN) Conference - The future of work - Adelaide

9.30-11am Demystifying the Internet of Things for improved government services - Perth

10-11.30am Workforce of the Future - Canberra City

10.30am-12:30pm Melbourne Screening of Design Disruptors

2.30pm Industry/Government panel on autonomous vehicles - Canberra City

July 28

3pm-5pm Design Disruptors Screening and Networking Drinks - Parkes

July 28-30

Govhack - National

July 31

3pm - 2030 Hypothetical Panel, Canberra City

How can you get involved

Innovation Month 2017 is a collective effort led by public sector agencies and innovation leaders both inside and outside the APS. Anyone can run an Innovation Month event, and by default we try to make as many Innovation Month events open to all public sector employees or the public. If you've not developed an event before, take a look at our Event Management Primer (500 Kb), the primer is written for public servants with little to no experience in event management.

The objective of Innovation Month is to provide everyone in the public sector with the opportunity to share about their experience innovating, or explore new ideas to improve their work practices. The PSIN Team can assist you with promotion via its channels, admin assistance in the development of a eventbrite registration page (free events only) and the possibility of making connections via the network to share resources.

The PSIN Team reserves final decision on programme content and events must be consistent with the APS Code of Conduct and be not-for-profit. N.B. Event Organisers can sell tickets ‘at cost’ to cover expenses.

If you haven't already, register to become a member of the Public Sector Innovation Network (PSIN) to receive our newsletter and updates on Innovation Month. Australian government employees (Federal, State, Territory or Local) are also welcome to join the online discussion at the PSIN Yammer Group. Members must join using their government work email address.

You can help to make Innovation Month 2017 successful by:

  • Organising an event. Take a look look at what ran in Innovation Month 2016, 2015 and 2014.
  • Contributing support - email psi [at] if you have resources you can supply to assist with some of the ideas we have in the works. Or raise them on the Yammer Group.
  • Attending an event! Have a look at the list of events and see what appeals - events will be added as they are finalised.

Registering your event

For reporting purposes all Innovation Month events must be registered using the online webform ( This includes events that are open to the public or public sector colleagues (which will be promoted here) and internal Departmental staff-only events (which will not be promoted publicly). Deadline for registering our event is COB June 19. If you are unable to finalise your event before this time contact the psi [at] (subject: Expecting%20late%20registration%20to%20Innovation%20Month%202017, body: Please%20provide%20details%20of%20your%20event%2C%20including%20date%20and%20audience.%20%0A%0A**The%20PSIN%20may%20not%20able%20to%20provide%20a%20eventbrite%20page%20for%20late%20submissions.%20Submissions%20after%20July%203%20may%20be%20delayed%20in%20uploading%20to%20the%20Innovation%20Month%20page.**%20) (PSIN Team contact us directly.)  

Promoting your event

This page will be updated regularly with information about Innovation Month, as will the PSIN blog, the PSIN weekly bits of interest and the PSIN newsletter, which has a subscription of over 3400 members (Register to the PSIN newsletter).  You can also follow Innovation Month 2017 developments on Twitter @PSInnovate using the hashtag #PSInnovate17.

The listing of your event on this page will consist of the information provided on your registration webform (see above) as will any promotional tweets and mentions in the PSIN newsletter. Promotional blogs (which will also be shared on twitter and the newsletter) need to be provided by the event holder. The PSIN Team has final approval on materials sent via its channels.

Innovation Month 2017 Logos

The logos are free to use for any approved registered Innovation Month event. This year there are two Innovation Month logo formats. The square and long format.


Square Innovation Month 2017 logo   

Available in Jpg

Keyline version also available in Jpg

Adapted from the 2016 logo square variant - thanks to Tim Curtis

Long format - left justified 

Available in Jpg here

Mono available in Jpg here

Long format - centred

Available in Jpg here

Mono available in Jpg here

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