Innovation in Melbourne

Due to the strong response we’ve had to this query we’re now collecting expressions of interest from anyone outside Canberra who is interested in forming a PSIN co-ordination group. Please register your interest here.

Do you live or work in Melbourne and have an interest in public sector innovation or are directly involved in strategic innovation in a public agency?

We’ve had a few queries now about the work of the PSIN and its co-ordination group from Melbournites, and while we welcome contributions to the network in terms of news for the newsletter, comments on the website and events in the calendar, we feel a bit limited in terms of regular participation for members outside Canberra.

The PSIN co-ordination group meets monthly to discuss developments and issues related to implementing innovation. While these meetings could include conference calls to members outside Canberra we feel it would be much more beneficial for members to start their own local co-ordination group.

There’s a Public Sector Innovation Network co-ordination group in Canberra, so we’re fairly certain there can be one in Melbourne. If you’re interested in joining such a group or maybe are already in such a group, drop a line in the comments field below or %20psi [at] (contact us) if you’ve got queries. We’d be happy to help facilitate the development of such a group.

We’re not going to be overly prescriptive on how a local group could run, but check out the co-ordination group page, the group’s Terms of Reference, and the brief overview on the PSIN for ideas from the Canberra group’s operation.

You may wish to liaise across state and local government agencies too, the APS Innovation Action Plan, of which the PSIN is an initiative, welcomes cross-government and private/public collaboration on the public service network, so we leave this for you to consider.