IDEAS for the Public Sector

You have a great idea – what next? Before proceeding further, a crucial step in the innovation process is ensuring that your idea is feasible and as strong as it can be. To assist individual public servants in assessing their ideas the Toolkit includes the Innovation Development Early Assessment System (IDEAS) for the Public Sector. The IDEAS framework helps to assess, at an early stage, whether or not you want to pursue a project or whether it needs further work to strengthen its merits, or whether it should be abandoned or put aside for now. IDEAS may also be helpful as a framework in presenting your ideas to others. This methodology is:
  • structured using a comprehensive set of standardised assessment criteria
  • aimed at early assessment when there is not much tangible data available
  • designed to identify ideas with genuine merit that warrant further development and testing.
If you have an idea that you want to assess you can start the IDEAS assessment. Please note that the IDEAS material is not subject to the Creative Commons licence. The IDEAS material draws on the work of Professor John English. The IDEAS material is also available in another format if you are unable to use the interactive IDEAS feature.