A team of happy business people looking upwardsInnovation starts with ideas, but the innovation process involves a lot more than that. You need to be able to tell whether the idea is a good one, whether it is good enough compared to other ideas, and whether it's the right time for it. Then you need to be able to convince others that that's the case. Tips on both of these steps are available.
  • IDEAS for the Public Sector - a tool to help you decide whether the idea you are working with is worthwhile and deserving of further work and resources
  • Building a business case - guidance on some key aspects of putting forward an idea as a formal proposition
These steps assume that you already have an idea, but sometimes the ideas you have may not be the ones you need. There are a range of resources and platforms that can help if you are looking for an idea to a problem or if you need help in the creation, selection and implementation of an idea. These include:
  • The Public Sector Innovation Network – the network includes other public servants, interested academics, and select practitioners. The network has access to a Govdex (online collaboration) community where members can ask each other questions
  • Toolkit modules – many of the Toolkit modules include examples from other agencies of how an approach has been used
  • Blog posts – the blog includes posts on a wide range of subjects and includes news on innovation developments. These may be of interest or help
  • OZLoop – OZLoop is an Australian social network of interested public servants and community colleagues expressing and exchanging ideas and knowledge
  • Public Sector Innovation Showcase – this Showcase is an online platform for sharing examples of public sector innovation and Gov 2.0 initiatives in action
  • Strategic Policy Toolkit – an online Australian Government resource which provides easy access to essential policy guidance.
  • Others in your agency, stakeholders, experts and members of the public – Chapter 5 of Empowering Change: Fostering Innovation in the Australian Public Service includes a more in-depth look at some of the other sources of, and partners for, innovative ideas
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