Idea selection

Agencies need to consider how they are going to best filter the ideas that they receive and select those to attempt. One of the central principles for this should be the agency’s external engagement in determining what the central problems are, and thus where priority effort should be directed.

The process for doing this should link into the agency’s executive decision-making mechanisms. Care is needed if it is made a side function of an existing committee. For example, an employee or workforce relations committee may not be an appropriate setting because of the potential for conflict and the risk of conflating innovation with other organisational issues.

The ideas selection process can be assisted by designing the ideas management system to accommodate it.

Those involved in selecting the ideas will need the necessary judgment and experience to assess the ideas and critique them.

There should still be a capacity to act on innovative ideas that arise outside of such a process and have demonstrable benefits. The system needs to be flexible and able to take appropriate advantage of new opportunities.