Friday the 13th Frighting Weekly Bits

Hello fellow PSINer's,

Welcome to this frighting Friday the 13th Weekly Bits of Interest. 


This week has been a startling week for Innovation.

We end the week on a day that's full of superstition, mystery, and magic.
Canberra has just returned back to normal after having two long weekend's in row and we hope everyone is enjoying the start to Spring.    

  • Government must get on the front foot in embracing and regulating new technologies to ensure Australia can be a “test bed” for the world’s great innovations, Assistant Innovation Minister Craig Laundy says.

The program discussed future of work issues, education in the digital world, the government’s role in regulating, and the ethical dilemmas of driverless cars.

Mr Laundy said this is the “perfect overlay” of an area where government needs to get involved with regulations, and to also tackle the moral and ethical dilemmas.


  • At the centre of every significant innovation is always an idea. Yet we shouldn’t confuse a great idea with where it came from. Truly useful ideas don’t arise from out of the ether or through fancy techniques like brainstorming or divergent thinking. The best ideas come in response to an important problem and thrive under constraints.


  • Cisco to open "first of its kind" innovation centre in Dubai. The Centre will showcase 'what digitisation means' to various sectors.

Speaking at GITEX technology week in Dubai, Meads said that although Cisco has established customer experience centres in Europe, the United States and in the Asia-Pacific region, the centre in Dubai “will be the first of its kind worldwide, in that what we’ve done is combine an innovation capability with a customer experience centre.”


  • Australian Post puts its stamp on digital payments. Digital payments have fast become the norm in Australia as the economy moves to online by default. Now, as a multitude of new offerings hits the market, a trusted and convenient one-stop-shop makes sense for consumers, government and merchants alike.


Public Sector data Integration
Friday 3 Novemebr 2017
Grand Hall, National Gallery of Australia

Creating effective innovation ecosystems
Tuesday 17 October University of Melbourne

Service Improvement and innovation in Universities                                                                                                   
19/ 20 October 2017 Sydney harbour

#WTF Australia
15 October / 22 October / 29 October

  • Australians are concerned about the Future of Work. Do you have a solution that could fix the problem?
  • How do we solve the current Housing Affordability crisis?
  • How can we ensure that all children have access to quality early childhood development and care?

IPAA 2017 National Conference
15 Novemebr 2017
Great Hall- Parliament House Canberra

OPSI’s Innovation Conference
Register before 20 October 2017

Public Sector Strategy Mapping workshop    
5/6 December 2017
registration [at]           
Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd
GPO Box 1542
Sydney NSW 2001
p: +61 2 8239 9711


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