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Leading up to Innovation Month 2017 is another whole of government initiative, Explore Design.

Following on from the last year’s successful event hosted by the Australian Taxation Office, Explore Design 2017 is hosted by the Department of Employment, it's a great way for us to continue fostering design thinking practises in the APS, creating better value for the community.

This year, Explore Design will focus on how the public sector can use design thinking for both policy development and service design.  Attendees will hear from speakers across Government who have successfully implemented design thinking within their departments and from experts about the future of design. They will have the opportunity to engage in panel discussions which will discuss the success and failures of implementing design thinking across Government and private sector. Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage with other participants and experts in the field in hands-on workshops with a focus on designing for real life examples.

We know that to create great policies we must use the skills, experience and information around us. Design thinking allows us to use this information to understand the problems that exist, and to develop the best possible solutions for testing. In a user-centric way, design thinking helps us to creatively solve problems that our audience is facing today. Design thinking can also lower risk by developing and testing policy and services with strong end user input.

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7 June 2017

Hotel Realm, Barton, ACT



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