APS Innovation Snapshot 2015

“This is a century of ideas, this is a time when Australia’s growth, when our living standards, when our incomes will be determined by the human capital, the intellectual capital that all of us have. By unleashing our innovation, unleashing our imagination, being prepared to embrace change, we usher in the ideas boom.”

 - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, 7 December 2015

A challenge has been set for the public service that government will lead by example by embracing innovation and agility in the way we do business. The National Innovation and Science Agenda spells out what is involved in this challenge:

“We are committed to changing the way government delivers to Australians by trialling good ideas, sharing information, looking for innovative suppliers and changing our policies when they are not working.”

Innovation, and the initiatives to aid it within the Agenda, will require us to change how we operate. We will need to take risks. We will need to work in different ways with others. We will need to be more open than we sometimes want to be. 

The inaugural APS Innovation Snapshot can be seen as a ‘down payment’ on the promise of the National Innovation and Science Agenda. It is where we in the public service share some of what we have been innovating on, a demonstration of how government agencies are working to embrace innovation. It is a sign of what might come of government as an exemplar.

The Snapshot does not catalogue every innovation or all of the many initiatives, policies and agendas that are in some way supporting innovation within the public service. Rather, it seeks to highlight some of the clever new things being done, show the benefits that innovation can bring, and illustrate why it is important for the public service to test, experiment, try (and sometimes fail) and try again.

You can read the full 2015 APS Innovation Snapshot here - PDF icon APS_Innovation_Snapshot_2015_final.pdf

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