Announcing Innovation Month 2017

We're excited to announce that Innovation Month 2017 will run from July 3-30 and the theme will be "Making it Happen". For more information on Innovation Month, what it is, how you can be involved, and ideas for events, check out this year's Innovation Month page.  If you'd like more information you can subscribe to our  newsletter, follow the PSIN on twitter using the #PSInnovate17 tag, and if you're a PSIN member working in either Federal, State/Territory or Local government in Australia you can join the PSIN Yammer Group to discuss planning.   Innovation Month is more than just a showcase calendar event of the PSIN, and it's more than just an opportunity for the public sector to focus on the issues of innovation and talk about its achievements and the challenges it still faces.  The number of Innovation Month events, and the involvement of the PSIN in bringing them to life, is actually a measure of the strength of innovation in the public sector. The attendance at these events is an indication of not only the value of the PSIN and Innovation Month, but of a public service that is brave and passionately inspired to create better user solutions, where innovation and thinking differently are simply the default.

Agencies continue to see Innovation Month as an opportunity to either publicly showcase their achievements, or focus on the internal discussion to build their innovation culture through workshop events or a strategy launches.

I'm glad to say that PSIN members are asking about the details of Innovation Month earlier each year, showing a growing excitement to participate and engage with colleagues across the PSIN.

The best examples of cross-departmental (and even cross-government) groups working towards their professional enrichment are the State Chapters and the State Coordinators. These groups consist of colleagues across Federal agencies and also state and local governments working together to develop professional networks in their areas.

The PSIN Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne groups have already talked about possible event ideas and are currently working on their development, while the Brisbane group is planning an initial meeting soon.

Some of the ideas initial event ideas are listed below, and we'll be updating the Innovation Month 2017 page (link) as events are confirmed. If you'd like to discuss Innovation Month you can contact us at psi [at] or for Australian government members you can join the PSIN Yammer Group to discuss it with your peers.

Innovation Month 2017 - event ideas:

  • An Open Lab Tour visiting the various innovation labs across Government, and using the tour as a roving workshop or solving a problem using the resources of each lab to break down the process.
  • Explore methods on how to spread innovation tools and culture through all of the APS linking smaller Departments that may not have the resources with innovation labs.
  • Launch a large scale APS collaboration problem or challenge for completion by next innovation month.  This could be used to launch a collaboration platform.
  • Provide a time or space for a Suppliers Showcase.  Could be opportunity to do this at the Innovation conference at the start of the month.
  • Made it Happen Day held at the end of Innovation month to be able to demonstrate how we use tools to deliver during innovation month or throughout the year.  This event will help to promote the success of innovation month and focus on the “journey” of innovation.
  • Hold a Multi-city Conference through video conferencing using speakers from all around Australia and including both state and commonwealth government employees plus even private industry. 
  • Run an Augmented Reality Tour through a mobile phone app. Use it as a tour going to the innovation labs/building lobbies or private sector labs.  Could be used to tour through design thinking.
  • Run a public showcase on how User Research in government works for the Australian general public.
  • Co-design – engaging the public in the process of co-design
  • A networking event for public service employees centred on lightning talks from public sector or others with relevant insight who can showcase their innovative practices.
  • A viewing of the 'Design Disrupters' documentary by InVision. Followed by a panel discussion/Q&A on 'Application in the public sector'.
  • A design thinking primer seminar to introduce the concepts of design thinking. To be run by interested agencies.  Lead by a design-thinking guide, attendees apply basic design thinking concept to a real-life problem and be encouraged to consider how to apply design thinking to their everyday work.



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