The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is leading work to foster innovation in the Australian Public Service (APS). The purpose of this website is to help public servants develop and apply innovative solutions to complex conundrums. It has been established as part of an APS-wide innovation agenda and is supported by the Portfolio Secretaries of the Australian Public Service through their commitment to the APS Innovation Action Plan.  The Public Sector Innovation website is being used to:

  • provide information about the tools and approaches that can support innovation in public sector organisations
  • provide updates on developments in APS innovation
  • provide links to relevant information and research
  • discuss issues relating to public sector innovation
  • highlight examples of innovation journeys across the public sector.

While the focus of the website is on APS-wide innovation, we hope that it will also be a useful resource for our colleagues working in state, territory, and local governments. The main elements of the site include:

  • An introduction to public sector innovation and its importance – a ‘101’ in public sector innovation – including where to start with innovation, a glossary of innovation terms, and some context about public sector innovation in Australia
  • A diagnostic tool to assist thinking about the innovation strengths of your organisation
  • What to do if you have an idea and/or are looking to innovate, including a tool for assessing your ideas and some tips for preparing a business case
  • Toolkit modules looking at some of the tools and approaches that can be used to facilitate innovation, including guidance for agencies on how to integrate innovation into their operations
  • Some of the barriers that can be encountered in the public sector innovation process
  • Information about the Public Sector Innovation Network and how to join it
  • The innovation blog discussing news, developments and matters of interest in public sector innovation
  • A calendar of upcoming innovation events.