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The Public Sector Innovation Network began in 2009 as part of a Management Advisory Committee project on public sector innovation as a mechanism to engage and hear from public servants who were applying innovation in their work.

The Network is open to all, but has been developed for an audience of  public sector employees and academics. Network members receive a weekly email with news, developments and events in public sector innovation and design in Australia and overseas.

If you have any other thoughts on how the Network can assist innovators and designers in the public service, please let us know in the comments below or email us with your thoughts.

PSIN Agents

The PSIN Agents is a group of public servants who meet monthly to discuss innovation in the public sector, share information about agency activities and initiatives, plan innovation events and workshop key elements of the ‘how’ of innovation.

PSIN Agents commit to the terms of reference and are currently wholly Canberra-based. If you are outside Canberra in a federal, state, or local government role and you’re interested in public sector innovation, we are looking to develop other PSIN chapters. Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of this initiative.

Current members of the PSIN Agents group are:

PSIN Secretariat

Rob Thomas     Lynn Goodyer Department of Industry psi(at)


PSIN Agents

Deborah Venters Department of Human Services Deborah.Venters(at)
Chris John and Silvia Liertz Department of Employment


Silvia.Liertz (at)

Prue Torrance  Melissa King Department of Education and Training



Evelyn Chung Department of Finance Evelyn.Chung(at)
Skye Smart Australian Taxation Office Skye.Smart(at)

Mira Daoud

Judi Hubner

IP Australia



Hannah Mattner Department of Communications Hannah.Mattner(at)
Abby Robinson Department of Health Abby.Robinson(at)
Richard Shanahan Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Richard.Shanahan(at)
Michael Clark Fair Work Ombudsman Michael.Clark(at)
Rachel Field Attorney-General’s Department Rachel.Field(at)

PSIN State Co-ordinators

Below are our APS contacts for the PSIN outside of Canberra. As the PSIN is open across all tiers of government state and local public servants was welcome to make contact.

Queensland Matt Cartwright Matthew.Cartwright(at)
New South Wales Peter Gregory Peter.Gregory(at)
Victoria Andree Bostelmann Andree.Bostelmann(at)
Tasmania Alistair Kay Alistair.Kay(at)
South Australia and Northern Territory Moi Odubasa Moi.Odubasa(at)
Western Australia Richard Wilkinson Richard.Wilkinson(at)

If your department or agency doesn’t have a member and you’re interested in joining the group contact us.



  1. I think the biggest innovation required in Australian public service is the appreciation and support of innovation. The notion that big ideas and innovative change can only come from the top of the bureaucratic heirarchy is a change that needs to happen to start off with. Having this principle associated with innovation turns off rank and file people who might have brilliant ideas. Often, they have no venue to express these ideas as the door is not made open to them in the first place. They are excluded from think tanks and brainstorming sessions, their performance measured only on how many papers or people they handled or number of cases they solved. No one person knows everything. Knowledge is fluid and the most ridiculous suggestion could turn out to be the best if given the chance to be tested. But how? If only it becomes a ...

    ... workplace standard to have the floor open to all ideas, big and small, we could probably much further down the innovation road than where we are now.


    • I totally agree 100%. Unfortunately in government many traditional mindsets still exist..the critical issue is culture..without the right mindsets, innovation will not happen..does a beauracratic hierarchy fit in with communication and the culture of the 21st century? Traditional mindsets block the innovators and this has a direct impact on the people of Australia!


  2. I am a public servant in Pakistan, i want to have a first hand experience of public management in Australia, \for this I inentd to apply for Endeavour Executive Awards for 2014, Can some body guide me how to get nomination from an Australian public sectororganization,


  3. I am a Canadian conducting research on post “new public management” approaches to public sector performance with a particular emphasis on innovative approaches to service delivery and policy formulation. Any interesting articles etc. would be welcome.


    • Michael – network members are provided with an email that provides updates on developments around public sector innovation so I would suggest signing up. Otherwise you can look through the blog posts on theis site, including the weekly bits of interest posts which link to news and articles about public sector innovation.


    • Hi,

      At the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government we are very intersted in this topic and have produced a few area/theme based resources for the local government sector. A quick scan might be useful. We are at as a general link, and run an Innovation Program.

      Study of Service Delivery Reviews
      ACELG has just released a new study that looks at service delivery reviews undertaken in 11 councils across Australia …

      Local government service delivery to remote indigenous communities

      Legal and Governance Models for Shared Services in Local Government
      This report investigates models of shared services delivery across Australia and provides a summary of legal options illustrated by five case studies.

      We are working on a ‘Levels of service practice note’ (Oct 2013) and ‘Practice guide for councils to conduct service delivery reviews’.



      • If you haven’t already seen it, there’s a Service Delivery in Government online resource maintained by the Department of Social Services Library. You can subscribe to it, and get an email news service with global news about service delivery- very handy. See here


  4. I’m a researcher with a particular interest in change within the public sector. Currently working with Victoria Police on a demonstration project to address key issues around employee health, hopefully we will have some valuable knowledge to share in the coming months.


    • Interested in your findings.
      The Macquarie uni has The voice project. this could assist in identifying linkages between the organisational culture and the sum of impact on individual employee’s heath outcomes.


      • Connie,
        The voice projects sounds very interesting – are you willing to share your experiences and learnings?


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