Weekly bits of interest – 21 March 2011

Developments and articles of interest from the last week:

  • In this post Jeffrey Baumgartner provides some advice on establishing a recognition and reward scheme to complement ideas management systems in organisations. “The most important lesson here is to consider your rewards program carefully before you launch an ideas campaign or other innovation initiative. A well thought out rewards scheme will do wonders for your results.” 1
  • Tony Golsby-Smith identifies three questions as potential killers of innovation, including what is the return on investment on this project, can you prove your case and back it up with hard data, and are you meeting your milestones? “As a board member or executive committee member, you aren’t necessarily trying to kill innovation. It’s just that innovation runs counter to so many of the standard tests and processes that make businesses (and executives) successful. It’s hard to accept that innovation requires exploring unknown territory via a winding road — you cannot see around the next corner.”2 Tony offers some alternative questions that provide insight but don’t impair the innovation process.
  • Dr Tim Kastelle from the University of Queensland writes that the qualities that make good innovation managers are the qualities that make good managers.
  • Tom Fox of the US Partnership for Public Service looks at what it takes to be an innovative government leader and identifies resilience, vision, an ability to navigate organisational culture and politics, leveraging of networks and relationships, and the ability to build strong, diverse teams as key qualities.
  • In this piece Braden Kelly shares some insights he gained from an Innovation Leaders Forum in New York. “Taken together, the report from the innovation front lines was that increasingly leaders are seeking to turn innovation into a deep capability of the organization. To do this, they are:
    • Establishing small dedicated teams to manage and improve the innovation process
    • Training employees to be innovators
    • Organizing teams of innovation champions to spread out across the organization
    • Continually probing the boundaries of what’s possible”3

As always, please feel free to identify any other developments or articles of interest in the comments below.

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