Weekly bits of interest – 5 October 2010

Developments and articles of interest from the last week:

  • Here Tim Kastelle writes about the problem with metrics and how they might distract from the actual goal.
  • This article investigates whether or not innovation should be a core component of every businesses strategy
  • In this post, Jeffrey Phillips looks at the subtle ways in which ideas are killed off in organisations and how to avoid them
  • Or, in a similar vein, see this post about the different types of people who kill ideas and why they do it
  • This article is about the MacArthur Foundation genius grants
  • Here is a UK government post on 7 Tactics for Open Innovation
  • And finally, a look at co-delivery in government, particularly using Web 2.0

Feel free to identify any other developments or articles of interest from the last week in the comments below.

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1 comment

  1. Haven’t had much time for reading recently but some interesting thoughts in some of the posts above. Perhaps we are turning Innovation into a fad? Is it the latest buzz word? How do we stop it becoming a fad and define its real meaning?

    Will post some more later after digesting the information.